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MathPluz is an innovative online system for enhancing the math skills of pre-school, elementary, and high school students.   Because it is an online system, it is accessible anywhere and anytime via the internet, allowing the student to use it at home, in school, on the road, or even abroad.


MathPluz covers important math topics from Prep to Grade 10 (4th Year High School).   It also features tutorials, solvers, games, and trivia.


Our unique web software automatically generates random questions to be answered by the student one by one.  This random question generation system can supply the student with an unlimited number of questions at many different levels of difficulty.  This gives the student the opportunity to practice as much as he or she wants until he or she is ready for the next level.


The software immediately gives feedback to the student on whether his or her answer is correct, and even provides the solution in many cases.  This immediate feedback system means that the student doesn't have to wait for his or her papers to get checked by a person, thereby preventing the student from practicing wrong methods even further.


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Unlike traditional Math enhancement programs that require a student to go to a center and answer printed questionnaires, MathPluz works on any PC with a web connection to provide unlimited math practice to your child in the comfort of your home. With MathPluz, you and your child no longer have to go out for his or her math exercises, saving you a lot of time, effort, and money!


This set-up also allows us to provide a better math skills enrichment program to your child for a fee that's so unbelievably LOW.  How low? A MathPluz account for prep and elementary levels, which is valid for one whole year, only costs P1,200.00!   A MathPluz account for high school level, also valid for one whole year, only costs P1,500.00!


Here's a summary of the advantages of learning Math through MathPluz instead of traditional Math enhancement programs:


1)  convenience and accessibility, since the student can use MathPluz anywhere and anytime;

2)  very, very LOW cost (just P1,200 per year for prep and elementary and just P1,500 per year for high school), making it affordable to everyone;

3)  immediate feedback, preventing the student from practicing wrong math methods further;

4)  unlimited practice, allowing the student to achieve mastery of the various math concepts and methods;

5)  non-threatening learning environment, since the student is all alone with no pressure from a teacher or fellow students;

6)  easy monitoring by parents, since MathPluz provides a real-time and instantly accessible report card;

7) promotion of the student's love for math through fun-filled features such as math trivia, games and puzzles, tools and solvers, etc.


To see a list of the math topics covered by MathPluz, click here.


To learn more about MathPluz, see the MathPluz FAQ Page.


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